Kamis, 25 Juni 2009

Imbalanced DotA Cheat 6.59d hacked

Tidak seperti sebelumnya Dota 6.59d hacked yang hanya cheat untuk menambah str,agi, int… kali ini saya membagikan hacked map dota, yang bisa membuat sebagian skill hero menjadi gila/imba… contoh: torrent damagenya gila, epicenter area lebih gede, skill luna gak berhenti-berhenti… =================================================================================== Password: the word in the bracket is the password to activate the cheat(s) for the hero. type - to activate it and type - to deactivate it. if the bracket is empthy, it means no password is required, you can’t activate it for other players but when you are using that hero, it will auto-activate it for you. ========================================================================= general commands: camera height -z<1-1000> enemies location(-ping<><>) can’t detect switched hero. Simplify version of detector to reduce lag. rune adetector(-rune<><>)

yurnero(omni) 4

padgu(pudge) p

naix(naix) open wound

prophet(tree) 1

broodmother(web) ====================================================================== obsedian(int) 2 note: type -int<><> the int bonus will be given to your allies in turns type -int<><> the int bonus will be fixed on one player. ========================================================================= void(void) 4 sandking(sandking)

4 invoker(boost)

223 witch doctor(witch) voodoo ================================================================================ nightstalker(night)(nightoff)3 to get perma speed bonus, type -night<><> at start, get lvl up your 3rd skill as fast as possible. When night comes you may still lvlup it. But then don’t lvlup your 3rd skill anymore at day time or you will permanently lost your speed bonus.!!! You are warned. ================================================================================== luna(luna) 4

priestess(priestess) 4


doom(doom) if the one who type the password is using doom then he will get 7000 bonus gold for each creep he has eaten. But if it’s not his hero then he will get 70000 gold once and for all. No more. Share gold to allies by using SF Maphack or just buy a chicken and then buy a lot of tango (consumable trees) and gave it to an allies, who will sell it later? Probably if he is stupid he won’t, but who cares? ================================================================

bloodseeker(blood) 4 =========================================================================== tiny(tiny) 1 note: type this password every time you have tossed an enemy to the air. Can’t be deactiate so far. I am lazy to do the code. So, if you activate it for an allies make sure you won’t allow him to switch. ============================================================================= abbaddon(lord) 4 to deactivate, type -lord<> and then cast ulti again. ========================================================

kunkka(water) torrent

download: sini credit to initialD

Sumber: antoniuszs.wordpress.com

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